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MATLAB Documentation for Bros

Sean's pick this week is the Brocumentation Toolbox by Dan Seal.

Most bros don’t know too much about MATLAB since they’re usually busy working out, surfing, or just plain chillaxing with other bros. But MathWorks is looking for ways to reach out to new groups of users, and we feel that bros need some love too. That’s why our product team has just released the Brocumentation Toolbrox, and we’re highlighting it as this week’s pick.


We know that technical engineering terms like “plot” and “function” can be too complex for many bros to understand, causing their eyes to glaze over as they daydream about the upcoming intramural lacrosse championships. So we’ve created a simplified version of the documentation that contains a vocabulary (or “brocabulary”) that bros are more comfortable with. Based on a careful analysis of bro diction, this toolbrox offers help text on a brolific range of bro topics including broptimizaiton, brobotics, and simbrolation. It’s also filled with many detailed exambroles.

Sample Usage

For an example of how the Brocumentation Toolbrox improves the clarity of the MATLAB help, let’s look at the function “fminsearch.” The original help text contains this elaborate definition for the three-input syntax:

help fminsearch

But with the Brocumentation Toolbrox, bros get this simplified description:

bro fminsearch


Give it a try and let us know what you think here or leave a comment for Dan.

Published with MATLAB® R2016a

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