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Multi-column legend, revisited

Jiro‘s Pick this week is the NumColumns property of the legend function, new as of R2018a.This week, R2019a was released. This is another exciting release with many new features and… read more >>

World Bank API Access

Sean‘s pick this week is World Bank API Access by Kim9091.

Last year, I blogged about writing your own function signatures for code suggestions in MATLAB. Today, I found my… read more >>

Get your key press

Jiro‘s pick this week is getkey by Jos.Here’s an entry from a long-time user. Honestly speaking, I’m surprised why this entry has not been Picked yet. It was initially posted in… read more >>

Draggable Data Tips 4

Jiro‘s pick this week is DragDataTip by Allen.Here’s a simple, but quite useful utility to use in conjunction with MATLAB’s data tips. It customizes the data tips so that you… read more >>