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Changing font size of built-in dialog boxes 5

Jiro‘s Pick this week is msgboxFontSize by Adam Danz.This utility reminded me of a very recent project, which would have benefited greatly. I was building an app that made use of warndlg and… read more >>

Beer Me!

Sean‘s pick this week is beerme by bheinle7.

Have you ever looked at your MATLAB Apps tab and been sad? Even though the MathWorks apps allow you to interactively accomplish… read more >>

Alluvial flow diagram 3

Jiro‘s Pick this week is Alluvial flow diagram by Alexander Carmeli.I give credit to Yair for bringing this entry to my attention. He said, “Such diagrams can be very useful to… read more >>

AIS Decoder 1

Idin‘s pick this week is AIS Decoder by our former colleague Mike Donovan.

This example shows how to decode automatic identification system (AIS) signals sent out by commercial… read more >>

Memory Info 4

Sean‘s pick this week is Memory Info by Sviatoslav Danylenko.

Have you ever wanted to get the current memory used by MATLAB? I do this occassionally at the command line and… read more >>

ThingSpeak functionality ships with R2019a

Jiro‘s Pick this week is ThingSpeak Support Toolbox by MathWorks Internet of Things Team.ThingSpeak is MathWorks’ IoT platform. You can use ThingSpeak for free for non-commercial small… read more >>

What’s Your Color Scheme? 6

Brett‘s Pick this week is MATLAB Schemer, by Scott Lowe.


Easy manipulation of your MATLAB color scheme!
MATLAB is customizable!

Easy manipulation of your MATLAB color…

Getting Started with MATLAB examples

Jiro‘s Pick this week is the example files used in the “Getting Started with MATLAB” video by one of my colleagues, Matt Tearle. I used to work with him in the Training Services… read more >>

Convert between RGB and Color Names 2

Will‘s pick this week is Convert between RGB and Color Names by Stephen Cobeldick.
A fairly common challenge I encounter is the need for more plot colors. I have too many lines on my plot, and… read more >>

MATLAB Projects 2

Sean‘s pick this week is MATLAB Project File by Dmitry Ratner and the new Projects functionality in base MATLAB added to R2019a. This was previously Simulink Projects but Simulink is no… read more >>

Posts 21 - 30 of 44