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Advanced MATLAB: Class system for OOP in MATLAB introduction 5

This week we will be looking at the MATLAB class system. This video does not cover the “why” of doing OOP (Object Oriented Programming) in MATLAB. It just covers a very simple example of… read more >>

Puzzler: Data exploration 9

This is a puzzler without explanation. Brett got it in about five minutes, some of the other folks wandering near my office got it in just under 20.
The data to explore.
Remember to use the…

Puzzler: Difficult algorithm development challenge 8

This week’s puzzler is significantly harder than others we have done in the past, I would be surprised (and delighted) to see an answer before I go home tonight…
The challenge is shown…

Advanced MATLAB: Timer objects 33

Sometimes you want something to update in MATLAB on a regular schedule. Timer objects can do that for you. We first introduced this for test and measurement applications, but it has since been moved… read more >>

Advanced MATLAB: Handles and other inputs to GUIDE callbacks 17

There are three inputs to every automatically generated callback from GUIDE:
function edit1_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
A common question that I am asked is “What is the handles… read more >>

Advanced MATLAB: Subplots 20

The distinction between MATLAB Basics and Advanced MATLAB is a somewhat arbitrary distinction. The heuristic I use is “If I knew it before I came to The MathWorks, it is basic.” It is as… read more >>

Advanced MATLAB: Calling Simulink from MATLAB 5

I normally only have two posts a week, but I needed to throw in this extra post to announce a new blog by my buddy Seth. Seth will be discussing Simulink every week. This week, he is discussing batch… read more >>

Advanced MATLAB: Capturing data from an instrument 4

In an earlier post, I covered how to collect data from a data acquisition board. This post will do something similar for an oscilloscope. This time instead of using the Data Acquisition Toolbox we… read more >>

Advanced MATLAB: Varargin and Nargin- variable inputs to a function 22

Most MATLAB functions are overloaded. That means that there are several ways to call them and that MATLAB will “Do The Right Thing” based on the number and types of inputs. As a simple… read more >>

Advanced MATLAB: ButtonDownFcn 25

This is the next in a series of advanced topics in MATLAB. My definition of “Advanced” is somewhat nebulous and arbitrary, so even newer users can give this a watch.
Two and a half…

Posts 11 - 20 of 22