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Hour Glass 1

Posted by Sean de Wolski,

Sean‘s pick this week is hourglass by Tillmann Stuebler.

Do you ever present with MATLAB? As an application engineer, this is a core part of my job. However, even with as exciting

Koch Curve

Posted by Guest Picker,

Koch Curve Idin's pick for this week is Koch curve by Dimitrios Piretzidis. This week being a holiday week in the US, and start of winter in the Northern Hemisphere where our corner of the world (Natick, ... read more >>

How our developers make MATLAB faster 4

Posted by Doug Hull,

Last week, we had a Puzzler [click here] that could be developed faster and easier by using the Image Processing Toolbox. Some people used the toolbox, and some did not. As the conversation in the comments continued [click here] we scaled the problem up by solving the problem… read more >>

User made videos

Posted by Doug Hull,

I wanted to thank everyone for posting their videos as requested in my prior post [click here]. Here are some of my favorite entries. I will be in touch with the authors to send them some fabulous prizes.
First up is a video from Carlos that is similar to the posts… read more >>

Post your MATLAB Videos 3

Posted by Doug Hull,

It is no secret that I like teaching MATLAB through videos. I use Camtasia to make and edit my videos, I am very happy using it. If you want to make MATLAB videos too, you can use Jing, by the makers of Camtasia, that gives you enough functionality… read more >>