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ImageViewer: A GUI for viewing and interactively exploring image files

Brett's Pick this week is the ImageViewer, by Jiro Doke.

I've been contributing to the MATLAB Central File Exchange for more than ten years now; my first shared file, collectCode, went live on the File Exchange in May, 2001. That was long before I started working for MathWorks (six years ago). For most of those six years, I've co-written the Pick of the Week blog with my friend Jiro, and in all that time, I've "Picked" one of my own files exactly once. The same is true of Jiro, I believe; he's "Picked" only one of his own.

For five years, Jiro and I have had the pleasure of poring over other contributors' files to find gems that we wanted to write about. Jiro is one of the best MATLAB programmers I know, so it struck me as odd recently when I realized that I had never written about any of his submissions. We rarely think of writing our own files up, and we've never thought of writing up each other's. Today, that changes.

Jiro, in fact, writes some of the best code I've seen on the File Exchange. And when I recently took a look anew at Jiro's shared files, I remembered how easy it is to find "Pickworthy" files--including ImageViewer.

I do image processing all day long, and have at various times written my own image viewers. But Jiro's is better. With a smartly designed GUI, you can easily preview a directory of images, select an image, view it in full resolution, and get properties of the image.

ImageViewer is also one of the more popular Apps on the File Exchange, and it now has a permanent spot in my Apps Tab. Check it out--it's definitely worth a look! And browse through some of Jiro's other contributions; there are several great submissions among them, many of which I would feature here-- if they hadn't already been written about by our predecessors, Scott and Doug.

As always, comments to this blog post are welcome. Or leave a comment for Jiro here.

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