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Electric Machines and Power Virtual Labs

Jiro's Pick this week is Electrical Engineering Virtual Electric Machine & Power Labs by Douglas Jusssaume.
Whether it is to adapt to online/hybrid teaching or to provide students with a lab... 続きを読む >>

MATLAB App for teaching mathematical concepts 1

Jiro's Pick this week is Unit Circle - Sine and Cosine Functions by Michal Blaho.Concepts become easier to understand when they can be visualized and explored by students. Back when I first learned... 続きを読む >>

Emulating a physical experiment of measuring M&M’s 2

Jiro's Pick this week is M&M statistics by Lisa R. Thompson.A common challenge I hear from educators is how to conduct courses that involve experiments or some sort of hardware interactions... 続きを読む >>

Interactive apps for solid mechanics 2

Jiro's Pick this week is Apps For Solid Mechanics by Ephraim Bryski.My day job is supporting educators and researchers (mostly university) make the best use out of MATLAB in their teaching and... 続きを読む >>

Physics Course Live Scripts using Symbolic Math Toolbox

Jiro‘s pick this week is Physics Course Live Scripts using Symbolic Math Toolbox by Kurt Braeuer.My day job is helping our academic users become successful in their work/research/study by using… 続きを読む >>

Teaching Calculus with MATLAB

Jiro's pick this week is Teaching Calculus with MATLAB by the TCM Team.I really like these apps that the folks from TU Darmstadt and University of Stuttgart created for teaching various calculus... 続きを読む >>