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Electric Machines and Power Virtual Labs

Jiro's Pick this week is Electrical Engineering Virtual Electric Machine & Power Labs by Douglas Jusssaume.

Whether it is to adapt to online/hybrid teaching or to provide students with a lab environment where they can tinker with from the comfort of their own homes, virtual labs are becoming more common these days to help transition physical labs to something that can be done on a computer.

Douglas has shared a series of virtual lab assignments he created for an Electric Power Systems course.

For each lab, he includes a lab manual with the objectives of the lab, description of the Simulink model, list of experimental and analytical tasks. The labs use Simscape to model the various power systems, knobs let students vary parameters, and displays and scopes let students read off measurements.

Here is one of the labs in action. Note that I'm running this using MATLAB Online. This means that students can run this from a browser!

Give this a try and let us know what you think here, or leave a comment for Douglas.

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