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Ant Colony Optimization 9

I recently finished up my final seminar for The MathWorks before transitioning to a new position at the MathWorks. (My old job is now available, you can have my title and office, but not the blog!)… read more >>

Earth and moon visualization 2

This week’s pick comes from two of my colleagues in the UK, Sam and Marta. This is a cool visualization of the Earth and its moon at the proper ratio, but not the proper distance apart. The… read more >>

ip to location

In the last few weeks I have been adding a some location information to this blog, from the map to the right that shows where all the weekly visits to this blog are coming from, to the map that was… read more >>

File exchange reports and maps 5

We at The MathWorks are always trying to improve the experience of using MATLAB Central. Recently we have added:

A new blog that talks about the MATLAB Desktop

This covers how to use the desktop…

Interesting clock

I like this little utility. I was fascinated by this kind of clock when my colleague brought one in to the office. See if you can figure it out before reading too much about it. This will be fun to… read more >>

Tabbed GUIs 7

Going through the e-mail this week, I was asked how to make a GUI with tab panels. I know that using a few special techniques, it is possible to build a tab panel using GUIDE. I figured someone on… read more >>

All combinations from vectors 8

My colleague walked into my office with a MATLAB question, a regular pasttime for us here at the MathWorks. He wanted to take every combination of one value from each of three distinct vectors. Now,… read more >>

UIcontrol: slider panel 1

My buddy and colleague Brett made this great little UI tool. It allows you to have a slider where you can see what the maximum, minimum and current values are. As John, the first reviewer of this… read more >>