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Modeling flexible bodies using the Reduced Order Flexible Solid block 4

Today I am happy to welcome guest blogger David Balbuena. If you are getting started using the Reduced Order Flexible Solid block from Simscape Multibody, I strongly recommend that you go through... read more >>

Internal Combustion Engine Ignition Control Example – Part 1 1

This post introduces an example project I recently submitted to MATLAB Central: Four-Cylinder Engine Ignition Control Simulation
This project was made in collaboration with Isaac Hisahiro Ito at... read more >>

Simulating the Olympic Ski Jump Competition 2

This week I am happy to welcome guest blogger Zack Peters to describe how he implemented the simulation of a ski jump, similar to the Men's large Hill Individual event of the PyeongChang Winter... read more >>

Simscape and Operating Point Management

In MATLAB R2017b, we added capabilities to manage operating points for Simscape models.
In this post, I will show an example of how to use this feature, and describe the possibilities it... read more >>

Simulating the World’s longest Ultra High Voltage Transmission Line with Simscape Electrical

This week, I am happy to welcome guest blogger Hao Chen who will describe how Simscape Electrical can be used to simulate the world's longest (3324 km) Ultra High Voltage DC (± 1100 kV) transmission... read more >>

Modecharts: Modeling discrete modes in Simscape

Last week I described how to model a box on a moving table using Simulink subsystems as Stateflow state.
As it is the case for most systems, there are many ways to model this box-table system in... read more >>

Creating Your Own Check Valve for the Simscape Gas domain 8

Some time ago, I wrote a blog post about how to implement a custom valve for the Simscape Hydraulic domain. Today I am happy to welcome guest bloggers Erin McGarrity and Ruth-Anne Marchant who will... read more >>

Watering my Plants with Simscape Fluids 3

Here is a picture of my backyard:

As you can see, I like to grow a few plants. And those plants need water.
During the last long weekend of July 4th, I decided to install a watering system for those... read more >>

CoolProp to the Rescue 6

This week, I am happy to welcome guest blogger Tom Egel from MathWorks Consulting Services. CoolProp to the Rescue Do you use the Simscape Thermal Liquid domain? If so, then you should know... read more >>

The Martian – Part 2 – Simulating the Spacecraft Trajectory 3

In last week's post, I demonstrated how we can use MATLAB to find the launch date of the Ares 3 crew from the book The Martian, by Andy Weir. This week, I will describe in more detail how we can... read more >>

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