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Puzzler: Match play on blackjack, baccarat or other casino games 1

As with many math geeks, I am fascinated by casinos and the math surrounding them. I, however, like to win. Consequently, I have no interest in playing a game that I am mathematically destined to… read more >>

Contest: Flood wrap-up

Here is the wrap up of the MATLAB programming contest that we just ran. if (typeof(playerLoaded) === ‘undefined’) {var playerLoaded = false;}(function isVideojsDefined() {if (typeof(videojs) !==… read more >>

Contest: Flooding

The 20th MATLAB programming contest just went live! Our more faithful blog readers might have a head start on this puzzle… Finding four connected regions. A puzzler about the… read more >>

Puzzler: Ultimate Frisbee- call it! Wrap up 1

I do not know why I am still always amazed at the many different ways that simple problems are solved by different people. To end the suspense for everyone playing along at home, “For two… read more >>

Puzzler: Ultimate Frisbee- call it! 3

I play a fair amount of Ultimate Frisbee® between lunch across the street at Cognex and playing with Boston Ultimate Disk Alliance. Games of Ultimate start with the two teams flipping two Frisbees in… read more >>

MATLAB Virtual confrence

We are holding a virtual conference right now. Come hear Keynote speakers starting at 7:45 EST. I have four new puzzler listed, when you arrive come stop by the booth, grab a copy and try… read more >>

MATLAB virtual conference in October 2009

The MathWorks holds free seminars around the country, but not everyone can afford the time and travel cost of attending one of these. For this reason, we are holding a virtual conference in October…. read more >>

Puzzler: Results of most difficult puzzler yet

The “Rules of the new game” puzzler was the most difficult one yet. Puzzlers are MATLAB programming challenges that I post from time to time. They lead to interesting discussions of… read more >>

Puzzler: Rules of the new game

I was playing a game by LabPixies on my iPhone. I spent more time thinking about programming an optimal solution than anything else while playing. I decided to give it a try in MATLAB. After… read more >>

Puzzler: Find four-connected component to element 1 of 2-d matrix 37

This week, I was going to make a great video on recursion to solve a fun little puzzle. However, my code runs too slow. Before my recursive solution to the larger puzzle is practical, I need to… read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 42