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Anatomy of a Cube 3

A cube is the familiar three-dimensional solid with eight vertices, six faces and twelve edges. I have been working with cubes recently in posts about both the Menger sponge fractal and the 4-by-4 matrix from computer graphics.... read more >>

Bringing Back the Bucky Ball

The Bucky Ball provides an elegant example of a graph, the connectivity of the Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome.We are also demonstrating publishing this blog with the Live Editor. There is a button... read more >>

Easter Sunday and April Fools 4

What do the years 2018, 2029 and 2040 have in common? They are the only years in the 21st century when Easter Sunday occurs on April Fools Day.... read more >>

COVID-19 Simulator 1

ContentsSimulatorAnimationFirst frameFinal frameFull barrierNo barrierLarger populationSmaller populationSoftwareSimulator help covid19 Epidemic simulation. Inspired by Washington Post... read more >>

Amaze, A Maze Generator

My MATLAB® program, amaze, generates mazes by combining old friends, numgrid and delsq, with a new friend, the graph object. Let's see how we make this example maze.... read more >>