Hans on IoT

ThingSpeak, MATLAB, and the Internet of Things

Contest Update

Thanks for all of the submissions to the Internet of Things Contest (aka The Easiest Contest Ever). We received just over 20 projects and we will honor all of them with a gift certificate. I told you it was easy. If you happen to be working on a project now, send it in. You never know…

This week we will be dispatching the SparkFun gift certificates and also blogging about the projects. There were some really cool ones and tons of code for the community to start using right away. There’s even commercial interest in using the platform for an upcoming product. Yeah!

The contest was definitely a success. We needed to get some creative developers to check out all of the features. We also received a bunch of feedback for new features. One feature stood out from the rest, “We want an index of the public channels!!! Now!”. Okay…

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