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Sensor Monitoring with mbed and ThingSpeak

[Frank] has created a complete tutorial on how to publish sensor data to ThingSpeak via the mbed prototyping platform. He specifically shows you how to connect the mbed to DS1620 temperature sensor and push data to a ThingSpeak data channel. From the seed of this project, we can see many applications for monitoring temperatures and sending push messages to the iPhone using Prowl when sensor data gets out-of-bounds.

Frank says,

This project uses a mbed microcontroller (LPC1768 ARM Cortex-M3) to monitor temperature using a DS1620 (digital temperature sensor IC), retrieve the time via NTP (network time protocol), and then log the current temperature to ThingSpeak along with a time-stamp.

Temperature Monitor  Using mbed, DS1620, and ThingSpeak

[via Circle of CurrentDangerous Prototypes]

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