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Make Code N-D Safe

I've recently been asked some questions about programming safely to account for N-dimensional data. Techniquest that are tried-and-true for two dimensions don't all scale to N dimensions.


Code That's Not Recommended

The following code doesn't catch dimensions higher than 2.

 if any(any(input))
     output = doAlg(input);

This code is also not recommended because n will be a scalar even if input has more than 2 dimensions. Depending on what is done in the loop, the output might be the wrong shape/dimension (thanks to Jeremy so I could clarify this).

 [m,n] = size(input);
 for i=1:n

Code That is Safe for Higher Dimensions

This code should work fine for any input.

 sz = size(input);
 if any(input(:))
     output = doAlg(input);
 output = reshape(output,sz);


If you consider N-dimensional input when you write functions, you are less likely to find bugs or wrong answers when you go to use it later.

   * The code is easier to understand without so many any statements.
   * Code is robust to N-dimensional inputs.

Your Advice?

What techniques have you used to ensure your code works with all array shapes? List them here.

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