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Rearranging Data 20

I can think of a lot of functions that rearrange data in MATLAB. I've long suspected that not all of these are well-known, though some are clearly daily tools. Maybe it's time to be sure they get exposure. ... read more >>

MATLAB Virtual Conference Coming 2

The MATLAB Virtual Conference hosted on Tuesday, September 28, 2010, will demonstrate how engineers and scientists can get the most benefit from working with MATLAB and Simulink. This free event offers 40 sessions during four tracks covering all ... read more >>

My First Use of sendmail 18

Today I was working on a demo that someone else started. And then, wouldn't you know, I hit a snag. I decided that now was the time to learn to use sendmail so I could send my version of code right from my MATLAB session. It was so easy, I thought... read more >>

R2010b is Live 7

MATLAB R2010b is live and includes some a bunch of good stuff. I've listed ones below that I found most interesting. You may find others more compelling, so read the Release Notes! ... read more >>

Combining Functions 9

For a lot of calculations, it makes sense to combine operations into a single expression. You can sometimes do this easily when you have function handles and you generate one final function that you can apply. ... read more >>

By All Means 2

Ever find yourself wanting to get some sense of some data, but not sure the arithmetic mean is what you want? You might also consider the geometric mean (geomean from Statistics Toolbox). In the image processing world, I understand that some think that images look crisper often when ... read more >>

Graphical Display Techniques – Part 2 6

In a recent post I discussed how to use different linestyles, colors, and marker properties to ensure that lines are markers that you superimpose on a plot will be visible, regardless of what the underlying picture is. Today I will show another... read more >>

Graphical Display Techniques – Part 1 9

I've recently been working with some customers who need to display extra information on top of a plot. Steve showed some examples for superimposing lines on images in such a way so they are visible despite what's going on in the picture. Today I'll show ... read more >>

Scalar Roulette 4

A while ago, Steve posted an article entitled Functional Design Clunkers on his blog. Well, I have a confession to make too. Have you ever been bitten by the ambiguity in the contour function? ... read more >>