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Coding Best Practices – A Good Read 7

Posted by Loren Shure,

Coding Best Practices - A Good Read

I have written blogs before on coding best practices in MATLAB and they have always generated a lot of great feedback. I recently came across a language-neutral list of best practices for scientific computing, written by Greg Wilson of Software Carpentry.

If you don't want to start by reading the whole article, I strongly encourage you to read Greg's summary. He breaks the practices into eight categories. I have to say, I think they are very well stated, starting with "Write programs for people, not computers.".

I have to say, I think Greg hit the nail on the head.

Do You Violate these Best Practices?

The most frequent violations I see include not using a debugger and, a lot of code is trying to optimize it before being sure it is truly correct. Which practice is your Achilles' heel? Let me know here.

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Adrian replied on : 4 of 7

I use and recommend Mercurial for MATLAB development. The MATLAB IDE doesn’t recognise it because it’s not “Microsoft Common Source Standard” but it works perfectly well with m-files, mat files and simulink files etc.

Heady replied on : 5 of 7

I have posted a number of messy TABLE class idioms. I would like MATLAB to be able to compete with Python Pandas or even R, but the TABLE class is awkward.

It would be great if you could have a thread, or even a separate blog (!) to address the elegant use of TABLE.

Heady replied on : 7 of 7

I did see that and it is well done, but I was hoping for some more advanced instruction. Many of my peers use Pandas and I need to be able to perform on that level.