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Experiments with MATLAB – The Book

Quite a few MATLAB users that I meet these days want to know if The MathWorks has a toolbox for their precocious teenagers. Currently, there is not such product. However,... read more >>

A Pedagogical Tool for Fourier Transforms 4

I recently attended the DSP Workshop sponsored by the IEEE Signal Processing Society. It focues on both signal processing and signal processing education. I spoke to a lot of the... read more >>

I-COOL – International Coalition of Ocean Observing Laboratories 2

It's no secret that my background is in marine geophysics. Last week at the annual meeting of AGU (American Geophysical Union), I remembered seeing some very cool plots recently, some... read more >>

MATLAB for Teaching 3

I occasionally get involved in activities at MathWorks that aren't strictly focused on development. These activities often include interacting with customers, giving seminars,... read more >>

Using MATLAB to Grade 23

Educators use MATLAB a lot. In addition to using MATLAB for research, many professors and instructors use MATLAB for teaching, including demonstrating and explaining concepts,... read more >>

LEGO Mindstorms NXT in Teaching 33

Today I’d like to introduce a guest blogger, Gautam Vallabha, a developer here at The MathWorks who works on classroom applications of MATLAB. Today he shows you one way in which MATLAB
can be used...

MATLAB Publishing for Teaching

Since MATLAB has had the capability to publish M-files, we have seen publishing being adopted at many educational institutions. And there is a variety of ways for you
to find out just what’s…

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