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Ever Needed to Move a Figure? 6

Have you ever needed to move a figure? Perhaps because it is offscreen>? Or at least the menus or close box are not visible? This happens to me from time to time when I get code from someone else who is programming specifically to the size of their display. Working on a laptop, I often have fewer available pixels. What to do?... read more >>

Function is as functiontests

Today we have a post from guest blogger Andy Campbell to highlight a function-based approach for writing tests in MATLAB. We will be demonstrating how you can write simple functions that aid you in designing a physical system. This approach allows you to iterate quickly and improve your designs while protecting you from violating requirements met by earlier solutions.... read more >>

What Kind of MATLAB File is This? 15

We just had an interesting thread at MathWorks prompted by a customer request to programmatically distinguish between script and function MATLAB files. The File Browser already shows these separately. I will show some ideas we had and what we agreed was a good way to attack this.... read more >>

Using the MATLAB Unit Testing Infrastructure for Grading Assignments 8

Steven Lord, Andy Campbell, and David Hruska are members of the Quality Engineering group at MathWorks who are guest blogging today to introduce a new feature in R2013a, the MATLAB unit testing infrastructure. There are several submissions on the MATLAB Central File Exchange related to unit testing of MATLAB code. Blogger Steve Eddins wrote one highly rated example back in 2009. In release R2013a, MathWorks included in MATLAB itself a MATLAB implementation of the industry-standard xUnit testing framework.

If you're not a software developer, you may be wondering if this feature will be of any use to you. In this post, we will describe one way someone who may not consider themselves a software developer may be able to take advantage of this framework using the example of a professor grading students' homework submissions. That's not to say that the developers in the audience should move on to the next post; you can use these tools to test your own code just like a professor can use them to test code written by his or her students.

There is a great deal of functionality in this feature that we will not show here. For more information we refer you to the MATLAB Unit Testing Framework documentation.

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