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MATLAB Documentation 4

For quite a while now, we have made MathWorks product documentation available from the support page on our web site. Though we started with MATLAB documentation initially, we have added... read more >>

Update on the Chebfun Project 4

A while ago, I wrote about the Chebfun Project. At the time, version 3 had recently come out. I recently visited Nick Trefethen and Nick Hale, part of the Chebfun team, and they showed me the latest... read more >>

Using the MATLAB Code Analyzer to Help Write Deployable Code 8

This week, guest blogger Jacob writes about how to use MATLAB-based tools to develop applications that are deployment-ready from inception. Deployed... read more >>

Editor Features in R2010b 6

There are a couple of features available in the editor in R2010b that I take full advantage of. Variable highlighting is one, and comment wrapping is the second. ... read more >>

My First Use of sendmail 18

Today I was working on a demo that someone else started. And then, wouldn't you know, I hit a snag. I decided that now was the time to learn to use sendmail so I could send my version of code... read more >>

What Data Is Available? 5

Yes, I know, data are, but the title just sounded terrible that way. Ever wonder what data you have stored in some files, particularly MATLAB MAT-files? Sometimes I'd... read more >>

Debugging Approaches 11

There are lots of posts on the MATLAB newsgroup asking questions like why do I get this error "xxx"? One of the most common answers shows users how to track down the information ... read more >>

The chebfun Project 2

Nick Trefethen and a team of colleagues have created a MATLAB software package called chebfun. Version 2 is now available on the File Exchange. Version 3 is available on their site. The package is... read more >>

Rounding Results 15

There are frequent questions on the MATLAB newsgroup about rounding results to a certain number of decimal places. MATLAB itself doesn't provide this functionality explicitly, ... read more >>

Learning MATLAB 9

Do you learn best by reading, watching, or doing? I do best with a combination of all three for learning technical material. Contents ... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 28