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Useful Debugging Commands and Tips 20

In my personal history using computers, I have learned to embrace debuggers to help me understand what's going on in my code.   Contents Short List of Lesser Known Debugging Commands An Example First Experiment Stopping for a Caught Error Common Issues Handy Tip Other Debugging Gotchas and Tips? Short List of Lesser... read more >>

A Way to Create Reusable Tools 12

There are a lot of ways to create reusable tools and widgets in lots of programming languages, including MATLAB. Today I
want to illustrate creating a reusable visualization tool that can then be incorporated into a more complex visualization
tool. Several of us (Scott, Mike, and I) at The MathWorks developed this... read more >>

Publishing 57

I thought I'd showcase the publish tool in MATLAB this time around. It's how both Steve Eddins and I produce our blog articles most of the time. I find it particularly handy when I use equations. ... read more >>

M-Lint Live in Editor in R2006a 14

M-Lint is a tool new in MATLAB version 7 (Release 14) to check code for possible problems and report results. You can use it from the MATLAB command line, from the Current Directory Browser, and from the MATLAB Editor. To learn more about mlint, you might find this... read more >>