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Live video in MATLAB

With the Image Acquisition Toolbox, it is now possible to stream live video into MATLAB, using devices ranging such as a web cam, FireWire video camera, or analog camera hooked up to a framegrabber. The Toolbox comes with a nice preview window that lets you set up your scene, but this window can't be incorporated into your own UIs and you can't easily add processing before the image is displayed. Thanks to Dave Tarkowski and Chris Portal (admittedly, developers on the Image Acquisition Toolbox), we can integrate a preview window directly into our own UIs. If you are using the Image Acquisition Toolbox, you should checkout their IMAQPLOT . Here's a simple application I built with IMAQPLOt, so that I can see if it's time to get some more coffee:   Notice my stylish MathWorks coffee mug? Not sure if you can tell, but it's all in German - a souvenir from my recent trip to Munich. You could have something great like this too. Just attend a MathWorks seminar and ask some interesting questions! One more thing, hello to my new friends and avid readers in Germany!
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