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Clocks in MATLAB 1

NoteThe file submission referenced in this post is no longer available on File Exchange.
I recently changed jobs and offices within the MathWorks and am now sitting within the Engineering Devlopment… read more >>

Mars Lander movie

Even though this awesome animation is listed in my section of the File Exchange, I only posted it. Ben from Nasa gets his proper credits at the end of the movie. The screenshots show you some of… read more >>

Match rows

A couple of things came together this week to get MatchRow to be Pick Of The Week. Recently I was asked to do some usability testing on MATLAB Central. This basically meant our Human Machine… read more >>

New MATLAB Contest

There is a new MATLAB contest running right now. I am anxious to see what kind of solutions people come up with for the Peg Solitaire contest. Basically it is the peg solitaire game that many of us… read more >>

Ant Colony Optimization 9

I recently finished up my final seminar for The MathWorks before transitioning to a new position at the MathWorks. (My old job is now available, you can have my title and office, but not the blog!)… read more >>

Earth and moon visualization 2

This week’s pick comes from two of my colleagues in the UK, Sam and Marta. This is a cool visualization of the Earth and its moon at the proper ratio, but not the proper distance apart. The… read more >>

ip to location

In the last few weeks I have been adding a some location information to this blog, from the map to the right that shows where all the weekly visits to this blog are coming from, to the map that was… read more >>

File exchange reports and maps 5

We at The MathWorks are always trying to improve the experience of using MATLAB Central. Recently we have added:

A new blog that talks about the MATLAB Desktop

This covers how to use the desktop…