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Interesting clock

I like this little utility. I was fascinated by this kind of clock when my colleague brought one in to the office. See if you can figure it out before reading too much about it. This will be fun to… read more >>

Tabbed GUIs 7

Going through the e-mail this week, I was asked how to make a GUI with tab panels. I know that using a few special techniques, it is possible to build a tab panel using GUIDE. I figured someone on… read more >>

All combinations from vectors 8

My colleague walked into my office with a MATLAB question, a regular pasttime for us here at the MathWorks. He wanted to take every combination of one value from each of three distinct vectors. Now,… read more >>

UIcontrol: slider panel 1

My buddy and colleague Brett made this great little UI tool. It allows you to have a slider where you can see what the maximum, minimum and current values are. As John, the first reviewer of this… read more >>

Lots of white papers

I enjoy reading The MathWorks News & Notes. Helen Chen has posted twenty articles from News & Notes to get them out to a wider audience. I am particularly fond of the article showing the… read more >>

Graphical removal of data points 2

This week I wanted to show a cool utility for the removal of data points from a set. John wrote this code, it has plenty of help and examples included in it too.

As a bonus, this week I was curious... read more >>

Observing the Earth 2

This week is a big World Wide training week at The MathWorks. I was looking for some way to visualize the globe in MATLAB. Of course, I looked to the File Exchange to see what we could do. Our very… read more >>

Cleaner code in MATLAB part two 2

This second video in the cleaner code series talks about magic numbers, and how to avoid them. It also covers naming conventions for function names and binary variables. Use of subfunctions is also… read more >>

List of published m-files 3

I made a video about publishing reports from MATLAB a while back. Santosh, one of my fellow MathWorkers, was curious what people have been doing with this capability, so he added a nice Google search… read more >>