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Happy (belated) Halloween!

Michael's pick this week is Batman Equation: The Legend by Mingjing Zhang.

This posting comes a bit too late for a proper Halloween celebration, but I'm not one to let that get in the way of a fun little file exchange submission. Plain and simple, it's Batman's logo in MATLAB form!

In late July of 2011, an odd little equation started to appear on the internet. With clever use of terms in the form , its creator was able to construct an effectively piecewise outline using a single implicit equation.

Mingjing provides a useful implementation of this equation. To overcome the fact that implicit equations can be tricky to plot using a computer, he breaks it down into its six constituent parts. Different visualizations allow you to see the pieces separately or to visualize the final product in all its glory:


Mingjing seems to enjoy using MATLAB as more than a numerical analysis tool-- I'm planning to soon download and play his Stellaria, humbly dubbed "the best MATLAB shooting game ever"!

Let us know what you think here.

Published with MATLAB® 7.13

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