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Drawing Ellipses 4

Brett's Pick this week is ellipse, by David Long. I've blogged before about fitting circles, and about simply drawing circles. And I've blogged about fitting ellipses. I like the... 更多内容 >>

Box plot + Scatter plot 2

Jiro's pick this week is notBoxPlot by Rob Campbell. If you have ever used boxplot from the Statistics Toolbox, you know the value of being able to visualize statistical information on... 更多内容 >>

Determine File Dependencies

Brett's Pick this week is "FDEP: a pedestrian function dependencies finder," by Us. Back in September, 2009, I featured a file called exportToZip that facilitates easy creation of... 更多内容 >>

Ball and Beam 2

Jiro's pick this week is Ball and Beam Simulation by Jeffrey Kantor. Ball and beam is an interesting controls problem. A good friend of mine from graduate school used to do research on... 更多内容 >>

OFDM Synchronization in Simulink

Idin's pick this week is "Pilot Directed Continuous Synchronization of OFDM" by Dick Benson. Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) is a bandwidth-efficient scheme to... 更多内容 >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 52