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Looking Back: 2005 in Review 3

In my last post, I started to index all of the File Exchange submissions that had been selected as "Picks of the Week." This week, I continue the process, highlighting all of the files... read more >>

HGSETGETPLUS – an extension to HGSETGET 2

div.italic { font-style: italic; } div.quote { background-color: #EEEEEE; font-style: italic; } div.mlcode { white-space: pre; font-family: "Courier New"; color: black; } string... read more >>

Super Mario Song!!

Jiro's pick this week is Super Mario Song by James Humes. This week, I'm going to cheat a little bit. I'm going to borrow an idea from the MATLAB Central community. If you have been ... read more >>

2004 in Review: Looking Backward 5

It's been over seven years (!) since the Pick of the Week blog was started by my co-workers Scott Hirsch and Doug Hull. Scott and Doug have moved on to doing other things at MathWorks, but Jiro,... read more >>

Markov Regime Switching Models in MATLAB 7

NoteThe file submission referenced in this post is no longer available on File Exchange. Michael's pick this week is MS_Regress by Marcelo Perlin. First a quick introduction: Hi! I'm... read more >>

Fancy Menus 2

Jiro's pick this week is menubar by Dirk-Jan Kroon. I'm honestly perplexed that his files have not been highlighted in Pick of the Week before. He is a big contributor to File ... read more >>

Create Multi-Column Plot Legends 3

Brett's Pick this week is "columnlegend," by Simon Henin. NOTE: Functionality similar to this File Exchange entry was added to MATLAB in R2018a. See the NumColumns Property to... read more >>

Batching and Unbatching in SimEvents 1

Will's picks this week are the SimEvents Batching and Unbatching Blocks by Rick Rosson. Most of you are probably familiar with Simulink, but how many of you have made use of SimEvents? In... read more >>

Cascade your Figure Windows 4

Jiro's pick this week is cascade by a fellow MathWorks application engineer, Isaac Noh. Do you work with a lot of figures? Do you end up with so many figures open that it becomes hard for you... read more >>

Reading Structured Data Files

Jiro's pick this week is NRGSymphonieRead by a fellow application engineer, Todd Schultz, who sits down the hall from me. Have you ever needed to bring data into MATLAB from a... read more >>

Posts 41 - 50 of 52