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Smooth your data

Jiro's pick this week is smoothn by Damien Garcia.As the title of Damien's entry states, smoothn is a fast and easy smoothing function for n-dimensional data. It uses a generalized cross-validation... read more >>

Skeletonizing an Image in 3D 1

Brett's Pick this week is Skeleton3D, by Philip Kollmansberger.A couple years ago, I put together a demo to show how to use MATLAB to calculate the tortuosity, or “twistedness,” of blood... read more >>

Get Authentication 6

Sean's pick this week is GetAuthentication by Stefan. I was recently asked about a simple way to password protect an executable compiled with MATLAB Compiler. The... read more >>

Julia Sets (Live Editor Example)

Will's pick this week is Julia Sets (Live Editor Example) by Joshua Meyer. The MATLAB Live Editor is a wonderful, new medium for expressing your ideas in MATLAB. In this contribution, Joshua... read more >>

Posts 21 - 30 of 53