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Blackjack! 3

Posted by Brett Shoelson,

Brett's Pick this week is blackjack, by Cleve Moler.Last night, while preparing for a seminar on machine learning I found myself with a lot of time to wait while a training algorithm ran. I was... read more >>

Sunrise Sunset 4

Posted by Will Campbell,

Will's pick this week is Sunrise Sunset by Meysam Mahooti. Ever wonder when the sun is going to set for an event you're planning in the future? Ever wonder when the moon is going to appear above... read more >>

Teaching Calculus with MATLAB

Posted by Jiro Doke,

Jiro's pick this week is Teaching Calculus with MATLAB by the TCM Team.I really like these apps that the folks from TU Darmstadt and University of Stuttgart created for teaching various calculus... read more >>