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Making MATLAB Talk 7

Brett's Pick this week focuses on functionality rather than on a single file. For a project I'm currently playing around with, I recently decided that I wanted to make my computer talk, and to... read more >>

Olympic medals 2

Bob's pick this week is Summer Olympic Medals 1896-present by Bill McKeeman.   The data source is Wikipedia, which Bill references. I find his plots much more interesting than... read more >>

Smooth MATLAB Graphics 11

Jiro's pick this week is MYAA by Anders Brun.   A few months ago, I wrote a post for Loren's Art of MATLAB blog about creating publication-quality graphics. That post was about... read more >>

Stopwatch 1

Bob's pick this week is Stopwatch by Joseph Kirk. For starters this is a useful tool. Sometimes you just want to time a real world event. Who knows where Coach Jones went but MATLAB is right... read more >>

Colors for Your Multi-Line Plots 14

Jiro's pick this week is VARYCOLOR by Daniel Helmick.   Have you ever had to plot many lines on a single graph and you had to construct additional set of colors to augment the... read more >>


Aldo Caraceto, one of our Application Engineers from Italy, recently wrote to tell us about a new post on the File Exchange. He noted that this file was particularly cool because "it offers a... read more >>

A Template Saves You Time 1

Jiro's pick this week is NEWFCN by Frank González-Morphy.
We all have our own style of writing functions in MATLAB. I've adopted a convention that is similar to the "best practice"
that The...

Atomic clock + alarm challenge 11

NoteThe file submission referenced in this post is no longer available on File Exchange. Bob's pick this week has a twist.   Contents The challenge The pick The catch The... read more >>

Alarm Clock(s) with Snooze Buttons

Never miss another appointment! How cool! I'm sitting at my desk working, knowing that I have a call in 45 minutes. I can put a reminder in Outlook, of course, but I tend to get so many Outlook... read more >>

readtext 3

Bob's pick this week is readtext by Peder Axensten.   Jiro recently highlighted textscantool which can make it much easier to import text data into MATLAB. But you may have encountered... read more >>