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HTML tables

Bob's pick this week is a three pack.   Display data as an HTML table by Gus Brown Printing Variables to HTML Tables in Published Code by Ned Gulley Generate HTML Table with... read more >>

Intruder Alert! 5

Jiro's pick this week is Intruder Detection by David Leffingwell, a fellow MathWorker.
I really like examples that involve hardware because they are flashy and you can physically see things... read more >>

Postcard from Doug 2

Even though I have moved over to the Video blog [click here] I wanted to give a quick update on the winner of the data exploration puzzler we did a while back. It turns out that the winner,... read more >>

De do do do, de dah dah dah… 9

Brett's Pick this week is Morse, by Fahad Al Mahmood. Last week I blogged about how to make MATLAB talk. This week, we can look at how to make it speak Morse code! I recall fondly being an... read more >>

Making MATLAB Talk 7

Brett's Pick this week focuses on functionality rather than on a single file. For a project I'm currently playing around with, I recently decided that I wanted to make my computer talk, and to... read more >>

Olympic medals 2

Bob's pick this week is Summer Olympic Medals 1896-present by Bill McKeeman.   The data source is Wikipedia, which Bill references. I find his plots much more interesting than... read more >>

Smooth MATLAB Graphics 11

Jiro's pick this week is MYAA by Anders Brun.   A few months ago, I wrote a post for Loren's Art of MATLAB blog about creating publication-quality graphics. That post was about... read more >>

Stopwatch 1

Bob's pick this week is Stopwatch by Joseph Kirk. For starters this is a useful tool. Sometimes you just want to time a real world event. Who knows where Coach Jones went but MATLAB is right... read more >>


Aldo Caraceto, one of our Application Engineers from Italy, recently wrote to tell us about a new post on the File Exchange. He noted that this file was particularly cool because "it offers a... read more >>