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Octave analysis

Christophe Couvreur's Octave Toolbox has been a favorite of mine since the good old days of FTP file swapping. I'm an acoustician by trade and training, so I've often needed to perform octave and... read more >>

Consistency in coding

When we first started this project, Scott and I wanted to avoid using the more popular files as our weekly pick. I am going to break from that rule, because in face-to-face interaction I recommend... read more >>

Search Google® from MATLAB®

Matthew Simoneau’s Google Toolbox has to be one of the coolest MATLAB utilities I’ve ever seen. Google and MATLAB are my most essential computing tools, but I always hate to leave… read more >>

Simulink Alignment Tool

NoteThe file submission referenced in this post is no longer available on File Exchange. Now I'm not one to get all excited too often, but this week's pick is amazing. Karen Gondoly's easy-to-use... read more >>

Find spikes in data

FPEAK finds the peak values in a data set. This is customizable in that you can change the sensitivity of the peak finder and the X and Y range in which to seek peaks. This is a great little... read more >>

Nancy – a MATLAB humanoid

As Application Engineers, Doug and I have met literally thousands of MATLAB users. We aren’t ones to stereotype, but we’ve noticed a slight trend towards our audiences being predominantly… read more >>

Shift individual rows and columns

SHIFTD and its three brothers allow you to shift one column or row relative to the others in a matrix. This is one of those functions you will not need very often, but you will be glad not to have... read more >>

Interactive volume visualization tool

SLICEOMATIC is an interactive tool for displaying cross-sections through three-dimensional data sets. It will also display isosurfaces, which are surfaces within a volume that have the same value. I… read more >>

Make thumbnail images

MAKETHUMBDIR makes smaller thumbnail versions of all images in a directory. This is very useful for automatically generating reports in HTML, or for preparing a lot of graphics to go into another... read more >>

Posts 891 - 900 of 903

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