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MATLAB Virtual Conference 2015

In case your were not aware, this March 25th is the MATLAB Virtual Conference.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert with MATLAB and Simulink, I am sure you can find interesting sessions for you. Here are the sessions I think will interest most Simulink users.

Introduction to Simulink: Quadcopter Simulation and Control

In this talk, Ryan Gordon will go through the steps he went through to design a controller for a Parrot® AR.Drone® quadcopter:

  • Modeling the quadrotor using Simulink and SimMechanics
  • Importing CAD files for visualization
  • Designing and tuning a controller using Simulink Control Design
  • Deploying the controller on the ARM Cortex processor of the Parrot® AR.Drone®

If you are interested by that topic, I also recommend this video about quadcopter simulation and control

Using Arduino with MATLAB and Simulink

I like Arduino boards, they offer many possibilities... especially when programmed with MATLAB and Simulink.

If you are interested in getting started with Arduino, don't miss this session. Dan Seal will go through a complete example that will give you all the basic knowledge you need to get started programming your Arduino boards with Simulink.

What’s New in MATLAB and Simulink R2015a

If you are using Simulink every day, you will benefit from learning about new features you can integrate into your work.

Using MATLAB and Simulink for Robotics

Did you know that in R2015a, MathWorks offers a new Robotics System Toolbox?

I plan to blog about this new toolbox soon, but if you can't wait, this talk by Yanliang Zhang is for you. You will learn how the Robot Operating System (ROS) interface allows you to deploy your Simulink models on any ROS-enabled device.

Presentation of the Platform for the Development of Aircraft Engine Monitoring Algorithms: SAMANTA

In this presentation, Jérôme Lacaille and Aurélie Gouby, from Safran, will talk about an environment the created to design and develop health monitoring algorithms for aircraft engines.

I don't know much about this topic, but I will attend this session to learn more about this very interesting project.

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