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Displaying Simulation Data

This week, I am working on a project with MathWorks consulting where I have been asked to implement in Simulink a simulator already existing in a different language. As you can imagine, to debug... read more >>

Simulink Functions hit the big time 2

The release of R2014b brought a time-honored Stateflow feature up to the model level: Simulink Functions. These blocks, analogous to stand-alone MATLAB functions, promote modularity and reuse by... read more >>

Quickly Insert a Complementary Block 4

Today I want to share a quick trick to speed up your workflow in R2014b. Complementary Blocks In Simulink, there are a few blocks that always come in pairs, for example Goto and From, and Data... read more >>

A bit of philosophy on reuse versus building from scratch 2

This week, we are welcoming Michael Burke, from our consulting group. Reuse: Or how I learned to love the Bat Man Lego set… Like many an engineer of my generation I grew up with the basic Lego®... read more >>

Explore your Models Easily with the Interface View 6

Today I want to introduce a new way to navigate models. This feature is available starting in R2014b: The interface display Enabling Interface Display In R2014b, you will notice a new entry at... read more >>

Unified Simulink Scopes in R2014b 3

In R2014b, the Simulink Scope, Floating Scope, and Signal Viewer have been unified in both features and graphical user interface. Here are some examples. Scrolling The Scope block now has a... read more >>

Special Vintage: Differential Equation Editor 5

This week I feel like an archaeologist who just dug out a new species of dinosaur! I discovered the Differential Equation Editor... Differential Equation Editor Try typing dee in MATLAB. This... read more >>

R2014b… my favorite things! 10

MATLAB R2014b is now available for download. Here is a quick overview of my favorite new Simulink features. Fast Restart If you are dealing with large models, you are definitely aware that... read more >>

Detecting Failures with Online Parameter Estimation 1

In R2014a, System Identification Toolbox has new online parameter estimation capabilities. Let’s see how this works using a simple example! The Problem Let's say we have a setup where a DC... read more >>

What If? – The Little Planet 3

Recently, I was happy to find in my mailbox the book What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions, from Randall Munroe, the author of the website Since I am... read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 41