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PID Control Made Easy 22

Today I introduce guest blogger Arkadiy Turevskiy to share some new features in R2009b: the PID Controller Blocks in Simulink and a new PID tuning method in Simulink Control... read more >>

Round-off Error

Loren recently posted a simple example of how single-threaded computations might produce different results from multi-threaded computations.  The cause is floating-point round off, and most people... read more >>

Floating-Point Numbers 6

Numeric simulation is all about the numbers. In a previous post, I talked about integer and fixed-point number representations. These numbers are especially useful for discrete simulation... read more >>

Back-Seat Driver: Simulink Tips for Efficient Model Navigation 7

Does this ever happen to you? You are sitting in a meeting looking up at the projected image of your coworker’s computer desktop.  They are navigating through {a web page, a Simulink model, or... read more >>

Generated Code for Variable Size Signals 4

Aarti recently posted about Variable Size Signals in Simulink. Han responded with this comment: Aarti, I would be interested in the effect on RTW generated code for variable size signals.... read more >>

STEM Educational Initiative Signing, and Robotics Competitions 4

It is not every day that I attend a speech by political leaders of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Governor Patrick speeking about the value of science technology engineering and math (STEM)… read more >>

Radar Tracking in Simulink: Variable Size Signals 11

This week I welcome guest blogger Aarti Ramani to talk about a long requested feature, variable size signals in Simulink. Depending on target ranges, radar systems operate in different modes... read more >>

MathWorks Hosts EcoCAR 1

Recently, when I arrived at work, I found this parked on the lawn: This is the EcoCAR from the EcoCAR Challenge. MathWorks hosted about one hundred students from the EcoCAR teams for the... read more >>

Custom Components in Physical Models 5

This week I want to introduce guest blogger Steve Miller to talk about the Simscape language. Introduction to the Simscape Language I’ve been working with MATLAB and Simulink since my... read more >>

How do I test for NaN in Simulink R2009b? (NEW!) 2

Back in February 2009 I posted about how to test for NaN in Simulink.  The approach I talked about was more of a logical experiment based on the special properties of NaN than an... read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 34