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Generating Reports for a Simulink Model including LaTeX Equations

Today I am happy to welcome guest blogger Sarah Dagen, from MathWorks Consulting.Sarah first lists different options available in Simulink to document your design, and concludes with a new capability... read more >>

Subsystem Reference and Test Harness 4

In case you missed it, some time ago I wrote this post introducing the Subsystem Reference. I really like this feature and the way it allows you to simply store the contents of a Subsystem in a... read more >>

Handling Errors in Post Simulation Callbacks

Today I want to share a simple trick I recently recommended to a user who was struggling with retrieving error messages from simulations.The Problem What this user described is that, when simulating... read more >>

Array of Buses and S-Function Builder support 5

This week, Navid Rahbariasr proposed to publish a blog post about support for arrays of buses being added to the S-Function Builder in MATLAB R2021b.This made me realize that I have never covered the... read more >>

Halloween special: The Pumpkin Chunkin Simulator! 1

How do you feel about a pumpkin chunkin simulator today? Earlier this week, I noticed the latest post on the MATLAB Community blog: Flying Pumpkins, Dancing Pumpkins. While Ned and Eric's post is... read more >>

Simulink Review Manager 11

I have not been blogging in the last few months, I apologize for that. With MATLAB R2021b now available, I am getting back in the blogging business!Before highlighting new R2021b features, I decided... read more >>

Linking C MEX S-Function to C++ Code 2

Today, I am happy to welcome guest blogger Navid Rahbariasr. Navid recently received a request from a user trying to include C++ code in a referenced model in accelerator mode. Unfortunately, this... read more >>

Modeling flexible bodies using the Reduced Order Flexible Solid block 4

Today I am happy to welcome guest blogger David Balbuena. If you are getting started using the Reduced Order Flexible Solid block from Simscape Multibody, I strongly recommend that you go through... read more >>