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Initializing Parameters 38

Simulink models often use parameters from the MATLAB base workspace.  However, Simulink does not save the MATLAB base workspace with the model.  This leads me to the following question: How do you... read more >>

Representing Numbers: Integers and Fixed-Point

In embedded systems, computation time and memory are critical resources.  Floating-point calculations require special floating-point units for efficient computation and this translates to... read more >>

The Answer for Large Scale Modeling: Model Reference 21

Your model is someone else’s component.  The Model block
allows you to treat a Simulink model as a component within a larger system.  In this
post I will discuss the basic concepts of model
reference...

Where’s the Code? 7

Today’s post is courtesy of my first guest blogger Tom Erkkinen, my colleague from the MathWorks office in Novi, Michigan! Ever try to compile code generated by Real-Time Workshop on... read more >>

Model Advisor: Don’t Forget the Doc! 1

After posting last week about Model Advisor enhancements for R2008b, I got this e-mail from my friend Salina: Seth! You didn’t even mention the help for each check! My apologies go to... read more >>

Introduction to Model Advisor 8

How do you check your model for common mistakes?  Do you have an easy way to verify that your model matches the MAAB (MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board) Control Algorithm Modeling Guidelines? ... read more >>

R2008b Simulink: Sample Time Colors 6

Simulink models present a schematic layout of your algorithm.  The diagram encodes information about the system in the form of block icons, data type annotations, and sample time colors.  In... read more >>

Announcing the release of R2008b! 3

I am proud to announce the arrival of R2008b.  Simulink, Stateflow, and Real-Time Workshop have many important new capabilities to explore.  If you have not yet downloaded the latest release log... read more >>

Metronome Challenge Winners

Two weeks ago, I posted the Challenge: Metronome Synchronization.  The challenge was to model the synchronization of metronomes as observed in this video.
The results of the challenge tell an...

Challenge: Metronome and Cart Equations of Motion 6

I haven’t seen much activity on the Metronome Synchronization Challenge, so I want to provide a peak at the basis for my solution.  I took the approach of modeling a pendulum, and then linking its... read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 38