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New in R2019b: Subsystem Reference 16

Today I want to introduce my favorite new feature in MATLAB R2019b: Subsystem Reference
Let's see what is it, how it works, and when you should be using it.
Creating a Subsystem File
In R2019b, we...

Curling Game Update: App Designer and Stateflow 3

Someone recently challenged me to convert the curling simulator we published a few years ago (See this post and this post) to take advantage of new features not available at that time: App Designer... read more >>

Overview Of Recent Projects Features 2

Today I am happy to welcome guest blogger Quique Hernandez Hurtado Esquilas.

Quique recently completed a project where he updated many examples using Projects to leverage new features added in the... read more >>

Loading Signals in Timetable Format

Today I decided to revisit a topic I covered a few years ago: loading discrete signals in a simulation.
Let's see what has been added in the last few years to help with the potential problems you... read more >>

Projects Export Profile 2

After my last post on FMU import and export, someone asked me if exporting a Simulink model to an FMU was a good way to hide the model and protect intellectual property.
The answer is: No!
An FMU is...

Simulink and the Functional Mock-up Interface Standard 8

Today, I want to cover the current state of support of Functional Mock-up Units (FMU) in Simulink.
From the FMI standard website, FMI is:
Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) is a tool...

Executing Stateflow Charts in MATLAB 2

In MATLAB R2019a, it is now possible to create standalone Stateflow charts that can be executed in MATLAB. Let's see how this work!
Getting Started
First, an important concept: A standalone Stateflow...

What’s New in R2019a? 8

MATLAB R2019a is available for download. Here are some of my favorite new features in the Simulink area.
Model Reference
Two major enhancements have been made to model referencing. The first... read more >>

Importing Data From Excel 10

Today I want to share a useful tip for importing signals from Excel into a simulation.
From Spreadsheet block
In case you were not aware, since R2015b, Simulink has offered the From Spreadsheet... read more >>

Variants: What Are Your Options in R2018b? 9

I posted about variants in the past, but things have changed a lot since then, so I thought it would be a good idea to review the options available for variants in R2018b.
Variant Subsystem
If you...

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