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Creating Custom Requirements Link Type

If you’re working in the system engineering space, you are very likely familiar with the Requirement Traceability feature of Simulink Verification and Validation. I have discussed this topic in... read more >>

Easily Accessing Block Parameters 2

How often you end up wondering what the value of a block parameter in Simulink is? In the past, I used to open the block dialog, copy the variable name, go the MATLAB prompt, paste the value... read more >>

Messages: Stateflow’s got mail 3

As our devices get smaller and systems get embedded into everything, there is a greater need to properly model inter-system communication. Let's take a simple example: imagine a smart thermostat that... read more >>

The Martian – Part 3 – Optimizing the Trajectory

After finding the launch date of the mission and putting together a simulation of the spacecraft trajectory, it's time to see how we can optimize this trajectory. Let's bring him... read more >>

The Martian – Part 2 – Simulating the Spacecraft Trajectory 3

In last week's post, I demonstrated how we can use MATLAB to find the launch date of the Ares 3 crew from the book The Martian, by Andy Weir. This week, I will describe in more detail how we can... read more >>

The Martian: Can you save Mark Watney? (Part 1) 4

About a year ago, I read the book The Martian, by Andy Weir. I really enjoyed the story, with all the technical details of how Mark Watney solves one problem after another to survive alone on... read more >>

Upgrade Advisor 1

Do you run the Upgrade Advisor on your models when upgrading to a new release? If not, you should! Upgrading a model to a new version Today, I want to show how the Upgrade Advisor can help when... read more >>

What’s New in R2015b – Part 4 2

I am not done yet... there are still a few more new things in Simulink R2015b I need to highlight. Scope In R2015b, the Simulink Scope has been entirely redesigned with tons of new features. It... read more >>

What’s New in R2015b – Part 3 1

In R2015b, lots of enhancements related to buses have been implemented. Let's give a look. Port Value Labels for buses When debugging models, I sometimes like to use the Port Values Display. I... read more >>

What’s New in R2015b – Part 2 7

This week we continue looking at new features in R2015b. After going through editing features, let's now look at new features affecting how blocks work. Waveform Generator Block Using a... read more >>

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