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Modeling and Simulation Challenge in Cody

Update: The Modeling and Simulation Challenge group has been deprecated. I recommend looking at Simulink OnRamp, which can be run in MATLAB Online in your browser.


I am sure many readers of this blog are familiar with Cody, the MATLAB Central problem solving game. Personally, the first time I tried Cody my reaction was: WE NEED A SIMULINK VERSION OF THAT!!!

Finally, this day has come!

You heard me right... We decided to take it to the next level with the Modeling and Simulation Challenge group where you can solve time-based simulation problems using a block-diagram editor.

To find those problems, click on the Modeling and Simulation Challenge group in the main Cody page:

Modeling and Simulation Group in Cody

When you click on the link to solve the problem, instead of the typical text box where you would write MATLAB Code, you will see a library of blocks and a canvas where you will drop and connect those blocks.

Here is what my solution for the Mass-Spring-Damper problem looks like:

The Modeling and Simulation challenge interface

As you can expect, when you click Simulate or Submit, the power of Simulink is unleashed to solve the equations you put together.

Powered By Simulink

Now it's your turn

Put your gaming shoes on and let's solve some Cody Modeling and Simulation Challenges!

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