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Use case: Visualizing three images 5

Posted by Doug Hull,

Here is a question from the front lines of technical support at the MathWorks. This MATLAB user had three images that they wanted to view at once so they could compare them to one another. The problem is that displaying three images at once meant they would all have to be scaled down, losing precious resolution. This video shows the work flow I went through to solve the problem. This video is more for your newer MATLAB users. In this six and a half minute video you will see:
  • Explanation of the problem
  • Quick view of the solution
  • Using subplot with ‘position’ property to align axis correctly
  • Changing properties of axis to keep aspect ratio equal
  • Changing properties of axis to hide the axis from view
  • Using linkaxes so that all axes zoom at same time
As always the customer images were replaced with my own sample images.

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Michel Slivitzky replied on : 1 of 5
I never realize done can do so much with Matlab in picture editing. Nothing beats learning by example and this video is just great. Is it possible to get a copy of the code to study it at leisure Thanks
Doug replied on : 2 of 5
Michel, I just put the video and file on the exchange for download. Thanks for the kind words. Doug
Mark replied on : 3 of 5
Doug, I just wanted to personally thank you as the customer who requested help on this subject. Your solution works flawlessly and I was very impressed. Thanks again for your help. -Mark
Phillip replied on : 4 of 5
Hi Doug, I was wondering if you have a basic example which shows the interaction between Matlab and Java. Thank you. By the way, your videos are excellent.
Niranjana replied on : 5 of 5
Thank you so much for this tutorial! It was very understandable and enlightening. Never thought there was so much to a subplot!