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Subplot vs axes 4

Posted by Doug Hull,

Subplot is a convenience function that wraps around the lower level axes function. It simplifies the layout process. As a higher level function, it does some bookkeeping for you. This debugging session shows that the helpful things it does can be confusing if you are not expecting them.

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Aurelien Queffurust replied on : 1 of 4
Salut! This video shows exactly the problem I solved in MATLAB Central this month : Maybe, we now could update this post to inform the user that there is now a video about overlapping of axes? Aurélien
dhull replied on : 2 of 4
@Aurelien, I just posted a link to that thread. I get the vast majority of my video ideas from questions I get via e-mail. I am glad to see I chose one that is of general interest. Thanks, Doug
venkata replied on : 3 of 4
Hi Doug, I solved the same problem that I encountered in my plotting. As a part of my publication I had to plot 11 figures in the same plot but it is horizontal split not the vertical as you discussed here. I used the same 'position' a little better way giving more space between subplots using "subplot('position',[x y xlen ylen])" in the for loop. Your ideas are very tricky and solves the problems more easily. Thanks
dhull replied on : 4 of 4
@Venkata, I would not use subplot like you are. Subplot really just calls axes with a preset position. When you feed the position into subplot, it just gets passed into the axes command anyways. Might as well be more direct. Doug