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Proudly launching MATLAB Answers

I am very happy to announce the launch of a new MathWorks service on MATLAB Central: MATLAB Answers. What does it do? MATLAB Answers is designed to provide
  • Quick, correct answers to well formed questions about MATLAB and Simulink.
  • Recognition to those that answer those questions through a reputation system.
  • A largely self-moderating environment that MATLAB users want to visit (unthreaded answers and voting makes the best answers float to the top)
  • A valuable resource that anyone can find easily even if they were not looking for it on MATLAB Central.
This is the first release; there are more features to come. But we have the basic functionality in place and we want to hear your opinion about it. Please go and ask questions. Go and answer questions. Do both. And send us your feedback on what you like and what should change. We have already seeded the community with many popular questions and their answers. So, without further ado: MATLAB Answers!
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