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You Should Turn on the “Enable data tips in edit mode” Editor Preference 7

Posted by Stuart McGarrity,

Each time I install a new release of MATLAB, such as 2016b recently, I turn on the editor preference “Enable data tips in edit mode”. Its not on by default. Here’s why its very useful.

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Ian Craig replied on : 1 of 7
I have to say that in principle this is a great feature for all the reasons you give, but I always make sure this feature is disabled. When I have it enabled and hover over a variable with a large number of elements, instead of just getting a pause like you did in the video, my video driver crashes. The screen blanks out and the contents of all of the windows on my desktop go blank, with only the borders showing, until I resize or move them and force Windows to redraw them. I have found this generally to be true on any computer I have used MATLAB on since around 2012b, so it isn't tied to a particular video card or set of drivers (cf. this July 2012 post on MATLAB Answers). If you have administrator access, there are workarounds as shown in the link, but if not, even inadvertently passing your mouse cursor over a variable with a large number of elements can cause a crash. Sometimes, even with the tooltips turned off, it does it anyway.
Stuart McGarrity replied on : 3 of 7
My colleague told me that this issue, which can sometimes be seen in MATLAB R2015b or earlier, is due to a problem with Windows 7 interacting with Java. Here are some workarounds to try in order: (1) Modify Windows’ “Desktop Composition” option: • From the Windows "Start" menu, right click on "Computer" and choose "Properties". • In the left pane, choose "Advanced system settings". • Under the "Advanced" Tab, click "Settings". • Click on the "Custom" button and uncheck "Enable Aero Peek" • Click "Apply" then click OK. (2) Edit “datatipinfo” as the Answers post (above) suggests (3) Upgrade graphics drivers (4) Use something other than Windows Aero theme (5) Upgrade to Windows 8 or later where Microsoft addressed the problem (6) Upgrade to MATLAB R2016a or later
David Shaw replied on : 4 of 7
I love the datatips hover-over-the-variables feature, and I was running 2017a on a Mac owned by work. All of a sudden, within the last 2-3 days, the feature has stopped working altogether. I have tried turning the option off and on again, I have shut down MatLab and stated it again. I have rebooted my Mac. I even went through the entire process of updating to 2017b from 2017a, and it still doesn't work again. Very frustrating if you have come to rely on the feature. Any help??? David
David Shaw replied on : 5 of 7
Never mind. I decided to unplug and re-connect my mouse, and the problem is resolved. Thanks, David
Victor Giurgiutiu replied on : 6 of 7
Recently upgraded to 2018b. I am trying to turn off the data tips in edit mode in system preferences by unchecking the box. However, it still shows data tips, which is annoying for me. Is there an issue with 2018b?
Stuart McGarrity replied on : 7 of 7
Hi Victor, I just tried it in 18b and they turned off. Are you sure its the "Enable data tips in edit mode" that you are unchecking?