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MATLAB Projects: First Look

I have a large MATLAB application which consists of more than 100 files that I have accumulated over a few years. It includes functions in multiple folders that are on my path. It works, but its… read more >>

Building a String of Browser Version Numbers

I need to construct a string of latest and previous browser version numbers that will form part of a database search query. I looks like this:
(“Chrome 80”, “Chrome 79”, “Firefox 74”, “Firefox 73”,… read more >>

Adding Another UI Control to My MATLAB App

Here, I need to add another simple drop-down UI control to the app I’m making with in App Designer.
I recorded this on Monday, the last day before we all had to work from home due to COVID-19…. read more >>

Finding the Outgoing Links From a Set of Web Pages Using Crawl Data

Here I try to find all the unique outgoing links from a set of web pages, i.e. excluding the links common to all the pages. I actually don’t need to read the pages themselves to find the links… read more >>

Debugging Code Started from Windows System Prompt

I have a number of MATLAB functions that run daily, started from a batch file called by the Windows Task Manager. The .bat file contains lines like this calling the MATLAB executable with the -r… read more >>

Moving Graphical Script Code to App Designer – More Debugging 1

I need to continue debugging the code that I moved into App Designer by updating all plotting functions to specify a specific axes. I forgot I defined a bunch of interactivity callbacks (mouse-over,… read more >>

Moving Graphical Script Code to App Designer

I’ve been developing a script for a while to display the structure of part of our website. It involves plotting a graph and manipulating it. Now I want to move this code into an app because… read more >>

Posts 11 - 17 of 17