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Using DBstack in MATLAB to get a stack trace

When you have timers and callbacks in your code, it can be difficult to find out when certain errors are occuring. Use DBstack to find the debug stack trace in MATLAB. This will allow you to find… read more >>

Making a Multi-color Line in MATLAB 5

This video is a follow on to last week’s. Instead of making a line with different colored markers in MATLAB, we will be making a multi-color line in MATLAB. This is actually stretchig the… read more >>

Adding callbacks to lines and axes in MATLAB 8

A callback is a function that gets called when you perform certain actions. For instance, you might want something to happen when you click on a line in MATLAB, or when you move the mouse in MATLAB…. read more >>

Modifying Excel column names to legal variables in MATLAB 2

I have been using MATLAB tables lately. In doing that, MATLAB will store meta data with your numeric data. I was bringing data in from Excel files. Each column name will eventually become a… read more >>

Debugging: creating a line with empty data

In this video we are sorting through some data making a different line for all the data points that match certain criteria. At some point in the algorithm none of the data meets the criteria. This… read more >>

uicontextmenu and ButtonDownFcn in MATLAB 7

When you use ButtonDownFcn in MATLAB, your callback is given an automatic input called hObject. This hObject is the handle of the object that you interacted with to invoke the callback, which makes… read more >>

Using one callback function for multiple UI objects in GUIDE 1

By default, GUIDE creates one callback function for every object in a UI. Sometimes, you want to have one callback function serve multiple objects. This video shows one way to do this, by manually… read more >>

Custom interactive graphics in MATLAB 3

Knowing how to use callbacks in MATLAB allows you to customize your graphics and make them more interactive. This short video shows you how to highlight a line in MATLAB by clicking on it. if… read more >>

Knowing when to optimize code in MATLAB

I work with a lot of recent computer science graduates who are learning MATLAB. Something I see from them is they often want to choose some complicated but fast algorithm to do a task I give to them… read more >>

Making a line visible over an image in MATLAB 5

It can be difficult to see a line that is drawn over an image. The line is often lost in the background colors. That is why cursors are colored as they are, so that they are visible on any… read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 67