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Custom interactive graphics in MATLAB 3

Posted by Doug Hull,

Knowing how to use callbacks in MATLAB allows you to customize your graphics and make them more interactive. This short video shows you how to highlight a line in MATLAB by clicking on it.

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Mike Hannan replied on : 1 of 3
Doug, Great tutorial on interactive graphics. Consider taking this a bit further in a future tutorial via a callback that filters a curve when you click on it. Might also generate a PSD of the selected curve. Thanks
Julian replied on : 2 of 3
Hi Doug, thanks for this handy video on a useful topic. Is it possible to make the behaviour happen on a hover rather than a click? I have long thought it could be handy if you hover over a legend entry, say, to highlight corresponding trace in a chart, and viceversa. Also what happens if the line you are highlighting is underneath other lines - it might be necessary to momentarily change the series order? Any thoughts?