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Practical Example: Placing a sampling grid in a polygon 4

A while back, I posted a video about how to place points randomly inside of an arbitrary polygon. [Click here] This video prompted a question about how to place points in a more systematic manner. If… 続きを読む >>

Practical example: Intersecting a circle with a line series 4

As with all the videos in this practical example series, the process of developing code is more important than the particular problem that is being solved. In this video, we will be covering topics… 続きを読む >>

Practical Example: Adding callbacks to a plot 14

This eleven minute video shows how you can make plots on two axes such that when one point of a pair is clicked, they both are highlighted. In this video you will see: LINE used instead of… 続きを読む >>

Practical Example: Generating points inside a polygon 3

Notice the link at the bottom for a one minute survey that can get you into a drawing for a MATLAB t-shirt! This ten minute video shows how to modify the help example for INPOLYGON to generate a… 続きを読む >>

Practical Example: Visualizing the density of a data cloud 3

I was working with a MATLAB user that had a large number of data points in the form of x,y,z triples. He was mostly interested in the density of these data points over the range of the data. At first… 続きを読む >>

Coaching call to debug GUI 1

This video is a departure from my other videos. This video captures a coaching call between Edgar and me as we debug a GUI that Edgar had created. This video was completely unscripted and has only… 続きを読む >>

Practical example: Setting transparency on a patch 2

First, be sure to check out the new home of LazyWeb. We had three of the challenges closed, but there are three still open. We are sending out MATLAB prize packages to all that solved a challenge,… 続きを読む >>

Practical example: Algorithm development for making colormaps 5

In a recent post, I mentioned LazyWeb It worked better than I expected. Matt posted some code that I requested that will highlight a line when you click on it. This works exactly as hoped. Thanks… 続きを読む >>

Using the clipboard from a GUI

Many of you have surely noticed that this blog took a sharp turn towards video content since I moved to the Advanced Support Group at the MathWorks in May. With all these videos, I have had to get… 続きを読む >>

Video series: Expanding the GUI to do calculations on the data from Excel 11

Last month we covered a lot of ground in making a GUI that would read and display Excel data. Since those videos were originally posted, I have gotten quite a few requests to expand the GUI to do… 続きを読む >>

Posts 21 - 30 of 33