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Practical Example: Generating points inside a polygon 3

Posted by Doug Hull,

Notice the link at the bottom for a one minute survey that can get you into a drawing for a MATLAB t-shirt! This ten minute video shows how to modify the help example for INPOLYGON to generate a set number of points inside of a random polygon. The coding process is shown from beginning to end, with incremental testing, debugging and commentary on my though process.

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Ryan Gray replied on : 1 of 3
It seems there's a problem again with your M4V conversion. Quicktime and iTunes say it's MPEG-4 video, but they don't think it has a video track and only play audio.
Doug replied on : 2 of 3
Ryan, Seems there was a slight change in file output since I wrote my MATLAB scripts that automate FTPing the files up to the server. Problem solved now. Thanks! Doug
Blogging replied on : 3 of 3
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