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Video series: Expanding the GUI to do calculations on the data from Excel 11

Posted by Doug Hull,

Last month we covered a lot of ground in making a GUI that would read and display Excel data. Since those videos were originally posted, I have gotten quite a few requests to expand the GUI to do some analysis. This video shows how I was able to add analysis capabilities to the GUI. We do a simple normalization of the data, but you could expand this to do more exotic calculations. For a more extensive GUI, I would add the ability to choose from many different types of calculations and to do custom analysis. If I get enough requests, that can be done in yet another video. Let me know!
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Dennis (Mike) Briggs replied on : 1 of 11
I am a frequent Matlab user, but by no means a Matlab geek. These little videos are so cool for me because you show, in addition to the main tip of the week, little shortcuts that inspire me to become more sophisticated. Case in point: the functions list button. I'll use that regularly from now on. Thanks for the great little videos. Mike Briggs
Doug replied on : 2 of 11
Mike, Thank you for the kind words. You are right, there are a lot of little things along the way to learn. It is good to know these little things that our developers put in are appreciated. Thanks, Doug
A. Baltimore replied on : 3 of 11
Hi, I have a problem when running deployment tool. I got this message: ________________________________________________________________________ Your project cannot be built because you have not specified a compiler. To do so run the following command in MATLAB: mbuild -setup If the problem persists, click the project settings icon in the toolbar, select General on the left hand panel and then remove the options file specified in the last text box on the right hand side panel. ________________________________________________________________________ then I typed mbuild -setup I installed Lcc C version 2.4.1 in C:\Program files\MATLAB\R2006b\sys\lcc the error was there, then I changed the settings in the icon toolbar as the help says, but the error was still there. Can you help me? P.D.: I use MATLAB 7.3(R2006b)
Waggy replied on : 5 of 11
Hi Doug, I am very new to MATLAB and have found your tutorials a massive help. The question i have for you is; My imported .xls data contain numerical and text columns, is it possible to filter the data by the text. eg column "status" contains NEW, UPDATE, INACTIVE and DELETE. Can i filter the spreadsheet to display all rows with the UPDATE value in the staus column? Many thanks, Waggy
dhull replied on : 6 of 11
Waggy, Watch the whole thing, but at about 2:30 there is a section where you find the rows of interest and then use that list to index into a matrix. It could be the same matrix, or in your case a totally different one. if you watch the rest of the videos in the basics section (especially from September 2007) you should be fine. Let me know if you need help after that. Thanks, Doug
Stuart McGarrity replied on : 9 of 11
Doug Hull, who wrote this post, has left the company so unfortunately we do not have the code. Stuart
Shaibal Saha replied on : 10 of 11
I have written a GUI in matlab 2013a. I want to make a standalone Windows 7 .exe file so that it can be installed and run without matlab preloaded in that pc.
Stuart McGarrity replied on : 11 of 11
Hi Shaibal, You need the MATLAB Compiler to do this: